Cell Signal Booster Information

There are 4 different types of Amplifiers

3G Manual Gain

3G Automatic Gain

          LTE / 4G Manual Gain

          LTE / 4G Automatic Gain

  • 3G is slower than 4G
  • 3G is used for cell phone calling, 4G is better for data usage
  • 3G amps cost less than 4G amps
  • If you just need it for calling, 3G will work fine
  • If you use data on your phone instead of the Wi-Fi, you will want LTE/4G
  • 3G uses a lower frequency, it can pass through walls and floors easier than LTE/4G
  • 3G has better coverage than LTE/4G
  • If you are using an LTE/4G amp, the indoor antenna placement is much more important than with a 3G system
  • LTE/4G signal strength drops rapidly when passing through walls and floors
  • When the LTE/4G signal drops below 1 bar, it will automatically switch to 3G
  • Use more than 1 indoor antenna
  • Use a more powerful amplifier
  • Increase the incoming signal from the outdoor antenna
  • 3-5 input level controls that you turn to adjust the incoming signal form the outdoor antenna
  • Adjust these to the highest signal output
    – if the signal coming in is too strong (overdrives the amp) then turn it down until it is no longer overdriven
  • Much less expensive than automatic gain
  • Disadvantages:
    – cell signals fluctuate over time
    (due to weather, trees, cell tower changes)
    – times where it is not optimal, may not have the strongest possible signal

Automatically adjusts the input signal level, preventing the amp being overdriven and ensuring the signal is always the strongest

More Expensive than Manual gain.

Cell Signal Booster Installation


* Strongly recommended to test the location of the outdoor antenna before installation

* Check the signal on your cell phone, trying different locations (outdoor antenna) until you find the best signal


Installation Tips:

  • The outdoor and indoor antenna’s need to have good separation.
  • Too close, will cause a feedback loop – causing poor signal or no signal
  • Locate the outdoor antenna where it will have the most unobstructed view to the cell tower.
  • Test different locations and point in different directions
  • It is possible to receive too strong a signal (urban areas) which will overdrive the amp, causing no signal
    • The amp will have an indicator light (see the user manual for instructions) that shows whether the system is overdriven
    • If this happens, relocate or repoint to reduce the signal (point away from the cell tower)
  • If you have Manual Gain Control Amplifier, you may need to adjust the gain control to prevent overdriving the amp (see the user manual for instructions)
  • Place the indoor antenna and amplifier in a location that gives you signal to areas you want the most
  • Better signal coverage inside can be obtained by adding more indoor antennas, using a bigger outdoor antenna, or more powerful amp


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